Adriana, The Writer

Wow! Thank you for wanting to know more about me as a writer. I appreciate it!

As a woman who recently fell in love with writing a few years ago, I would describe myself as a writer who writes about myself and things around me. I find my writing is a way to learn more about myself and the world around me. It’s a chance for me to analyze who I am to live a more peaceful life.

As a writer in a digital medium, I would describe myself as someone who isn’t afraid to take risks. Meaning, I would write about just about anything since I know it will be on the internet, and someone out there may feel or think the same as I do. I always tell myself how I wish people would just come into my mind and see and feel what I think; I’ve found digital creative writing helps me showcase a glimpse of that. Digital writing allows me to try and show my audience the type of world I live in most of my days. Without digital writing (or digital media), I am unsure how I would show my audience my unique thoughts or ideas. Digital writing has changed me for the better because I’ve learned things I thought I could not do with the 300 dollars I have in my account.

In conclusion, my wonderful reader, if you haven’t tried digital writing/media, I would strongly suggest you do so because you’ll find ways to reach your goals sooner than later. Trust me when I say my mindset has changed after learning more of this in my digital writing course.

Good luck, guys! I am sure you will be great!!!

By the way, the image below describes me as a writer. What does this image make you think or feel?