Adriana Corvalan's Twine Explanation

My Twine story is called To Late To Go Back. My Twine story resembles the app Episodes, where you (the player) get to decide your virtual life's fate. The difference between Episodes and To Late To Go Back, is that your story is created for you. Instead of choosing your fate, my Twine gives you a story and explains why the character feels the way it does.

I had fun creating this story because I created choices that make fun of the reader. I also made realistic choices but redirected it by twisting up the words. Since I twisted up the words, my reader is indirectly directed to the only result of the story- to the protagonist's point-of-view.

The other part I had fun with is the ability to manipulate the font, colors, and font movement. I strongly believe this ties the story together because of its dramatic presentation to the viewer.

I hope you enjoy my Twine story as much as I do. I will be anxiously waiting for your response.

. I hope you have fun! Make sure to pay attention! I hope you like it as much as I do! I loved creating this! Why am I going so fast Why did they have to cut the doggie's testicles for no reason?!